Organization Ideas for a Clutter-Free Summer

1. Use a rack to keep chairs organized and accessible.

Whether you gather around a fire, set up camp on the beach, or head to the pool or sports games, your folding chairs are the heavyweight champions of the season. You bring them on all sorts of adventures—but when you come home, storing them can be overlooked. Many people lean their chairs against a garage wall or leave them in a pile. This leaves your place looking messy, in addition to the fact that your chairs will get dirty more easily. Organize them once and for all with a chair organizer that raises them off the ground, like the Teal Triangle G-Chair.

2. Keep essentials like sunscreen and bug spray close at hand.

No matter where you are—the beach, lake, pool, backyard, or river—summer sun and bugs are almost a guarantee. The sad truth is that, when you have to go inside the house to reapply your sun lotion, sometimes you don’t make it back outside. Keep your essentials closeby to make sure you squeeze as much juice as possible from your vacation time.

An organizer like the Quick Clean Station is ideal for all sorts of things that you would otherwise have to go inside for: bug spray, sunscreen, first aid, hand sanitizer, and more. There’s room for a roll of paper towels—handy for cleaning up simple spills. Plus, it has side hooks for small bags, towels, or hats.


3. Organize beach and pool gear.

Inflatables, noodles, canopy tents, and more are must-have items for summer adventures on the water. But all these fun items are hard to store. Without a good storage system, they make your space look messy, and it’s difficult to find what you need. Solve this problem by installing a multipurpose, adjustable wall storage rack to keep these items off the ground and better organized. It will be easier to navigate your space and find items, and your storage area will be much more pleasing to the eye.

The XSR Beach Gear Wall Rack is a storage solution for vacation gear of all kinds. Installation is simple: it takes just four screws to secure it into your wall studs, then you’re ready to start loading it up with anything and everything that’s cluttering up your space.

4. Keep towels handy.

If there’s one thing you’ll go through like crazy on vacation, it’s towels. Between all the trips to the beach, indoor and outdoor showers, and dips in the pool, you’ll need dozens of them. Keep a supply close at hand to where you need them, whether that’s in your garage, poolhouse, or laundry room. Wire shelving like the Teal Triangle G-Shelf allows air to circulate, so your towels won’t get musty.

5. Add wall storage for fishing rods.

When the weather warms, it’s prime time for fishing. Your fishing rods should be organized and safely stowed when not in use—but don’t hide them away in a closet where you’ll forget about them. It’s more convenient to have them close at hand. A thoughtfully-designed fishing rod rack also adds some nautical decor to your vacation home. And, if there are kids around, you’ll want the hooks and fishing line out of their reach so you can enjoy a worry-free holiday.