Turn Your Gear Into Art

Home decor is a reflection of you—your personality, interests, and habits

Your outdoor gear can speak volumes about who you are and what you do. But when it's hidden away in a garage or shed, you don't get the opportunity to show that part of you in your home.

Luckily, there are many ways to show off your gear that are both functional and decorative. Whatever you do to stay active, there's a way to include that part of life into your decor.


Many people choose to store their bikes in a garage or shed, hiding them out of sight until they're ready to ride. In small spaces like apartments, bikes might live against the wall, becoming nonfunctional clutter. Give your bikes a purpose beyond riding by turning them into wall decor.

minimalist bike rack displays your ride securely with rubber-coated hooks. Easy removal from the display rack allows you to turn it from wall decor to functional bike within seconds. If you're looking for bike storage solutions and decoration inspiration, try turning your bike into the centerpiece of your next gallery wall!


Do you have a sunroom or other indoor/outdoor space that could use a pop of color? Your brightly colored kayak could be the piece that ties the space together. Kayaks are notoriously difficult to store. But when you think about your kayak as decorative instead of cumbersome, you turn a storage solution into a home decor moment.

Bring the on-the-water feeling to your home with a wall rack or ceiling hoist that has function and style.


Art on the decks of skateboards and longboards has long been a way to show off individuality and style. Skateboard decks are gaining popularity as wall art in the interior design realm, and some museums even sell decks adorned with prints from famous artists for the purpose of display. 

If you have several decks, floating displays are a slick way to showcase your collection. For non-skaters, floating displays are a smart option for showing off that museum-worthy deck without a distracting rack.

Give your space a skate shop atmosphere by storing your boards on freestanding or wall display racks. This is a great storage solution if you have a lot of boards and want to show them all off without taking up too much space.

Minimalist racks are ideal if you want to be able to grab your board and go at a moment's notice, since you can leave the wheels on. You no longer have to lean your potential tripping hazard against the wall or hide it away in your closet when not in use. Even a scuffed up board tells a story, so don't be afraid to show it off!

Snowboard and Ski

Skis and snowboards are often seasonal gear for people who don't live in or near snowy environments. But out-of-season gear doesn't need to be relegated to the closet for storage. Like skateboards, snowboards (and even skis) often have art and designs that show off the personality and style of the owner. 

cinch floating rack is one way to display your gear without a distracting wall rack.

Whether you have several or just one, there's a wall rack that works for your gear and space.

Surf, SUP, & Wake

Larger gear like surfboards and SUPs are a hassle to store. Instead of trying to find a place to tuck them away, lean in to the active and beachy style they provide and put them on display.

Use a minimalist display rack to make your surfboard or SUP the centerpiece of your living space. When you're ready to hit the water, taking it down is as simple as lifting it off the rack.

Play with colors and styles to reflect your personality. Hang a board that matches your color scheme, or go for something that will really stand out. Try displaying painted, mosaic, or signed boards, too, for an artsy or sentimental touch.

Yoga and Fitness

What do you do with your rolled up yoga mat? If you're not incorporating it into your decor, you need to level up your home gym or workout space. A minimalist yoga mat rack has both style and function. The simple design and ease of organization will keep you in a calm state of mind long after your yoga session. Get rid of home gym clutter and see how stylish storage brings you peace.

When you display what's important to you, it can become a meaningful centerpiece or conversation starter. You don't have to store your gear in a garage or shed; instead, find the perfect rack and let your gear show the world who you are.