Best Gifts for Skiers - Top 10

Best Gifts for Skiers – Top 10

Here is the list of the TOP 10 Best Gifts for Skiers.  If you need to buy a gift for a skier look no further, whether it is a birthday gift or holiday present you are sure to find a great idea on the list below.  Check out StoreYourBoard for the best quality and selection of ski storage racks.

Stocking Stuffer:

10). Tune Up/ Ski Wax – If your skier maintains their own equipment ski wax is a practical gift and is cheap and affordable.  If your skier doesn’t know how to apply wax then get a gift certificate to the local ski shop so they can take their skis in to tune them up. 

9). Ski DVD – Professional Skiers are taking the sport to the next level in ways never imagined before.  Get a new Ski DVD to inspire them, entertain them, educate them, or just satisfy the craving to be out in the snow.

Main Gift:

8). Lift Ticket – All skiers need lift tickets.  Get one to their favorite home mountain or surprise them with a new mountain.

7). Ski Storage Rack – Help them organize their house or garage!  A ski storage rack will store their skis properly and safely until the next time they are out on the slopes.

6).  Ski Poles – Get them a nice pair of ski poles.  Ski poles these days are both light-weight and extremely strong.

5). Ski Gloves – A good pair of ski gloves is priceless to a skier.  Skiing with cold, wet hands is terrible.  Get a quality set that will last and do the job.  I like the ones with leather palms and waterproof material elsewhere.

4). Car Ski Rack – Make it easy for them to get to the mountain with their skis.  If they are always stuffing their skis in the car they will thank you once they put up a car rack.

3). Ski Bag / Boot Bag – Get a bag made for the task.  A ski bag will make it easy to transport the skis and a boot bag carries all your other ski gear in a nice compact way.

2). Ski Jacket – All skiers can always use another ski jacket.  There are so many different kinds of ski jackets for different conditions and styles.  Try a soft shell.

1). Ski Trip – To me the ultimate gift is a ski trip.  Skiing is all about the experience on the mountain.  Going to explore a new mountain is the best.  If you want to really impress the skier in your life setup a ski trip and go along with them!