The Importance of Proper Wakeboard Storage

Wakeboarding is a great sport. There is nothing like flying through the air on a glassy lake on a nice summer morning with your friends in your new MasterCraft (well maybe not everyone has one but just getting out there on the water is a blast!). The question we want to address is what do you do with your wakeboard after you aren't riding?

Wakeboards are rather bulky items that need to be stored in specially designed racks and bags. There are three main places where your wakeboard needs to be stored.

•Boat Storage 
•Home Storage 
•Transport/ Traveling - Between Home and the Lake

Wakeboard boat storage has been pretty well covered and is well known in the industry. When you are out on the boat there it limited space already and the last thing you need is a couple wakeboards laying in the center aisle. Wakeboard Tower racks are the best option for boat storage. They now make all kinds of tower racks for wakeboard boat with a lot of great features like swiveling arms and no rattle mounts. If you do not have a boat tower some boat has ski locker large enough for wakeboards to fit in.

Wakeboard storage at home is something that is not usually considered. If you are like most wakeboarder's your probably leave your board in the boat or bring it out of the boat and throw it in a corner at home. This is not ideal for the wakeboard or your living space. A proper wakeboard wall rack is key to maintaining your board and keeping it looking like new for years to come. Having a dedicated rack at home is a great way to store and display your wakeboard when you are not riding and let's face it, for most of us that is a majority of the time. A wakeboard wall rack is also a great way to organize your house.

A rack specifically made for a wakeboard will safely store your wakeboard until the next time you are ready to get a set in. It will also protect your board from those unwanted chips, scratches, and dings that happen when you just put the board somewhere around the house. We know wakeboards are not cheap, so why not protect your investment.

When you are traveling/transporting your wakeboard you also need to have it properly stored. This is usually best done in a padded wakeboard bag. If you are flying somewhere, if you are lucky Orlando, it is important to add additional cushioning inside your wakeboard bag because we all know airport baggage is not really handles gently. If you are just taking your boat down to your favorite spot, I would still recommend a wakeboard bag but there might be a cushioned place in your boat or car for a short ride. I know I have had a wakeboard chipped going down the highway and hitting a bump.

As a wakeboard owner it is important to consider the storage of your wakeboard. As a wakeboarder it is not our top priority but a little consideration for wakeboard storage will keep your board riding like new for years to come and all those new tricks you intend on landing on it.