Finding the Best Wakeboarding River and Lakes - Spotting Glassy Water

Nothing beats a wakeboarding session on a perfect glassy day. You know when you can see your reflection in the water and landing tricks is effortless, no need to worry about other wakes, no need to worry about wind chop everything is perfect to be riding. Well if you have been wakeboarding for awhile you will know that wakeboarding conditions are not ideal but there are some tricks to find the best sports to wakeboard and the best water.

The first thing you need to go is located the possible boating areas around you. It sounds simple but especially when you are looking for un-crowded, glassy conditions you need to search into places more than just the largest lake or river in your area. Often time the smaller bodies of water are more consistently glassy. Also, another thing to look out for is not all water is deep enough or legal to use power boats in. I know in particular there are a few really nice bodies of water around me that are limited to no powered craft or under 20hp rule. Unfortunately, this is not going to work unless you have an extremely strong friend who can row fast enough to pull you!

If you are new to an area or just searching for a hidden gem there are a couples places to start looking: 
1). Ask other wakeboarders 
2). Local wakeboard shop 
3). Local Marinas and Boat Shops 
4). Google Maps

Now that you have found the perfect spot to wakeboard there are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing when to go to ensure a glassy session:

1) Check the weather forecast and pay particular attention to the wind speed and direction. Knowing how this affects your water will help you know when to go.

2) As a rule of thumb the early morning and late evening are usually the best times of day to go. There are less people out on the lakes and the wind is usually calm.

3) Look for sections that are enclosed by trees - Trees act as a great wind block

4) Be prepared with multiple spots on each body of water so you can choose an alternate is the wind changes or some tubers decide to make an ocean.

5) Communicate with and Respect other boaters in the area. If you have a couple different wakeboard crews out working a similar section stop by and work out a plan so everyone gets clean water and has a great ride. Also give you a chance to meet some new people.

6) Drive a proper boat pattern. Make sure to drive a straight single lane and make tear drop turns at the end. When you turn around drive the same line back, this way the center lane is always clear, while the wakes spread out to the sides.

Hopefully this helps keeps you find the perfect spot and get the perfect glassy water for your next session. It is well worth the time and planning to pick the right spot.