How to Find a 3rd - Wakeboarding-Waterskiing Boat Spotter

So you just got that new sweet wakeboard boat. The wake is great, the pull is consistent, your stereo is rocking but sometimes you want to ride and your buddies are busy. We have all had this happen. Wakeboarding is a decidedly social sport where you need at least 3 people in the boat (Driver, Rider, and Spotter). Even if you have the sickest boat, if you don't have anyone to ride with you are grounded on the shore. So try a couple of these tips to find other riders so you can always have a group to ride, meet some new wakeboarders, and have a great time out on the water.

1) Ask your "non-wakeboarding" friends and relatives if they want to come along. More often than not people are going to want to come out on the lake, even just for a boat ride.

2) Next time you are riding at your local spot make an extra effort to meet some of the other riders on the water. These are the guys who you can pretty much assume also have a passion for the sport, live close to the lake, and want to wakeboard whenever possible. Most wakeboarders are always up to meet other wakeboarders so give it a try the next time you are out.

3) Go online! There are tons of wakeboard related forums and clubs abound online. There are national sites like WakeWorld that have forums to discuss finding a pull and there are also many local clubs that have forums around when and when people are riding. Check online to see if there is anyone near you or post a comment and you are more than likely to get some responses.

4) If you ride at a lake with a larger wakeboarding scene thee are usually specified meetups and certain areas where most wakeboarders hang out. Check at the local pro shop and get the info you need.

So give these tips a shot and you will never be stuck on shore when you should be out riding.