How to Go Pro - Your Guide to Becoming a Sponsored Skateboarder

If you love to skateboard, you've probably thought a lot about what it would be like to go pro. Pro skateboarders travel around the world to compete are known the world over for their amazing tricks, and may even get a chance to create their own skateboard line. The key to going pro is to get sponsorships. A sponsored skateboarder can expect to get free gear and support to attend skateboarding events and competitions. A pro skateboarder often gets money from the sponsorship company for appearing in ads or other publicity activities, too, and may receive a paycheck from the sponsoring company in addition to being compensated with gear and trips.

If you want to get serious about skateboarding and are looking into the possibilities of going pro, your first step is to practice! Skateboarding is very competitive, and you won't find any companies to sponsor you if you're not the best of the best. There are millions of skateboarders out there, and you must do something to set yourself apart. It is entirely possible to become a sponsored skater while you're still in your teens, but it requires a lot of hard work to become that good at such a young age.

Once you've learned some unusual and difficult tricks, show them off. Enter any local skateboarding competitions you can find, post videos of your trick on YouTube, and do anything you can to get your name out there. Earn a reputation as one of the best skateboarders around. Companies can't sponsor you if they don't know that you exist. If you're serious about finding a sponsor, put together a sponsorship or publicity package. This is the information that represents you as a person and you as a skateboarder. It is you opportunity to show potential sponsors that you have the skills and the dedication, and that sponsoring you would be a good business decision.

Once you have a sponsorship package, take it to different companies who may be able to sponsor you. Generally, this includes companies in the skateboarding industry and those who already have sponsored skateboarders. Your publicity package is your “pitch” to the company about why they should sponsor you. Don't be surprised if you get turned down a lot before you find a company willing to sponsor you. Most skateboarding companies get dozens if not hundreds of sponsorship inquiries every month.

Sponsored skaters are paid by their sponsor company to compete, do photo shoots, or participate in other publicity activities. They often get the opportunity to travel around the world. Any skater who earns money through competitions is considered a pro skater. It is very difficult to make it in the world of professional skateboarding, so assess your reasons for doing so. Pro skateboarders do it for love of the sport, not for the income possibilities.

Do you want to make a living skateboarding? Is your dream to be featured in one of the top skateboarding magazines or to win one of the largest skateboarding competitions in the world? If you can achieve this level of skateboarding success, you'll be in good company. Becoming a sponsored skateboarder takes a lot of hard work, but it is well worth the effort.