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    • How to Go Pro - Your Guide to Becoming a Sponsored Skateboarder
      If you love to skateboard, you've probably thought a lot about what it would be like to go pro. Pro skateboarders travel around the world to compete are known the world over for their amazing tricks, and may even get a chance to create their own skateboard line. The key to going pro is to get sponsorships. A sponsored skateboarder can expect to get free gear and support to attend skateboarding events and competitions. A pro skateboarder often gets money from the.. more




    • The Importance of Proper Skateboard Storage
      As summer days grow into cold winter afternoons, you'll probably be skateboarding less and less. Depending on where you live, skateboarding might be out of the question entirely during the winter months. By storing your skateboard properly over the winter, you'll be able to enjoy riding again as soon as the warmer temperatures return. Winter is known for cold, wet weather, and this can wreak havoc on skateboards left outside. Never leave your skateboard in the elements.. more




    • Music and Skateboarding
      Music has always been involved in the world of skateboarding since its earliest history. The counterculture of skateboarding, in fact, is known for its wide variety musical styles. Today, there are several different genres that are closely identified with skateboarding. The music most identified with the sport tends to have a fast beat to pump up your adrenaline while skating. Since skateboarding grew out of surfing culture during the 1950s and 1960s, it follows.. more




    • Collecting Vintage Skateboards
      Skateboarding today is a very popular sport, and many who are involved in it, whether they are riders themselves or simply spectators, collect vintage skateboards. These relics of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, go back to the earliest forms of the sport. Many skateboards from this era look nothing like modern boards. Called “old school” by modern skateboarders, vintage skateboarding decks have a great aesthetic that is a lot of fun to display in your.. more




    • The New Sport of Freeline Skating
      In the world of extreme sports, freeline skates are relative newcomers. Designed in 2003 in San Francisco, inventor Ryan Farrelly was trying to design a better version of skates for downhill racing. Freeline skates were borne of the idea that instead of standing on a platform on top of wheels, the rider can simply stand on each set of wheels, doing away with traditional skate construction. Unlike regular skates and blades, these are not strapped to the rider’s... more




    • Skateboarding Gift Ideas
      Shopping for a teenage guy? As you’ve probably realized by now, teenage boys are hard to shop for. The changing trends make it hard to choose something they will love. Most teenage boys today love to skateboard. So do girls, in fact, and many people who have passed their teenage years. This very popular sport is growing each and every year, and more and more companies are producing skate gear. If you’re looking for a great gift for a skateboarder, consider.. more




    • Skateboarding in Japan
      Although skateboarding may seem like a purely American invention, and in fact the sport was created in sunny California, this activity has spread worldwide since the 1970s. In fact, skateboarding is quite popular in Japan. The burgeoning Japanese skate scene is definitely worth checking out if you are a skateboarder who happens to be traveling to Japan. Skateboarding in Japan is absent much of its ‘counterculture’ edge. In fact, most skaters in Japan are.. more




    • The Potential for High School Skateboarding Teams
      Did you know that skateboarding is very close to becoming a recognized high school sport? The National High School Skateboarding Association, launched in 2007, is working to make skateboarding a team sport in high schools across the country. Many see this step as fundamental in making skateboarding a mainstream rather than counterculture sport. The first season of team high school skateboarding, in 2007, was known as the California High School Skateboarding Club... more




    • Pro Skateboarder Bam Margera
      Bam Margera, whose birth name was Brandon, was born in 1979 in Pennsylvania. He earned the nickname “bam” from his grandfather after his habit of running recklessly into walls. Bam learned to skateboard in 1988. Today, he is known as one of the most interesting if not controversial characters in the skateboarding world, and has made skateboarding and stunts a way of life. Bam is known as a stuntman, director, actor, and skateboarder. Somewhat of a.. more




    • Pro Skateboarder Christian Hosoi
      Pro skateboarder Christian Hosoi has long been one of the more controversial figures in the sport. Born in 1967, he was known by the nicknames “Christ” and “Holmes” during his childhood and adolescence. Among pro skateboarders, Hosoi was one of the youngest to start skateboarding, at the age of five. Already by this age, his idols were skateboarding veterans like Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, who were at the center of 1970's skateboarding.. more




    • Basic Skateboarding Tricks - The Ollie
      The Ollie is one of the most well-known tricks in the world of skateboarding. If you are learning to skateboard, the Ollie is very important, because it is the basis for dozens of other skateboarding tricks. There are countless variations of the Ollie to learn, including Ollie components used as part of various flips and other tricks. The Ollie is a relatively simple aerial trick that should be one of the first you learn as a skateboarder. To do the Ollie, the first.. more




    • Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk
      The world of skateboarding just wouldn’t be the same without legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. An inspiration for many new skaters, he has taken the sport to new limits, setting dozens of records for his amazing skateboard tricks. Though Hawk is clearly a leader in the sport, it is important to remember that he started off where all skateboarders did. At one time, Tony Hawk had to learn how to skateboard, like all other skateboarders. He has put a lot of hard.. more




    • Using a Skateboard Park
      If you love to skateboard, chances are good that you visit skateboard parks whenever you can. These parks offer skating opportunities that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want once you’re in the skate park. There are a few etiquette rules that you should pay attention to when using a skateboard park. Skating is an inherently dangerous activity, so you must pay attention to what you’re.. more




    • Skateboarding Films
      If you love to skateboard, check out skateboarding films! These shows range from history and culture to how-to or demonstration reels. There’s something for everyone, from those who have never been on a board to expert skateboarders. To learn about the history of skateboarding, watch “Lords of Dogtown.” This blockbuster hit explored the history of skateboarding in the 1970s in California. A group of skateboarders called the Z-Boys started what.. more




    • Getting a Skate Park Built in Your Community
      Too many skaters don’t have a nice area to practice their skating. Skate parks have bowls, ramps, rails, and other features designed specifically for skating that usually can’t be found anywhere else. If you love to skate, but there isn’t a skate park nearby, consider taking action to get a skate park built in your community. Although some skate parks are built by skate companies or others in the industry, grassroots organizations can also get skate.. more




    • X Games 2009
      2009 marks the 15th year of the X Games, the world’s largest extreme sports competition. Over the years there have been many world records set here, including Tony Hawk’s 900 degree spin, the first time this skateboard feat had ever been accomplished in public, and Travis Pastrana’s double backflip in motocross. 2009 promises to offer similar highlights, although only time will tell how many records will be broken this time around. The 2009 X Games.. more




    • How to Fall Correctly on a Skateboard
      If you are learning to skateboard, you may think that learning how to stay on the skateboard and perform tricks is the cool part, but learning how to fall correctly is just as important. Yes, there is a correct way to fall and an incorrect way to fall. If you fall the wrong way on a skateboard, you can break bones or get a concussion, even if you weren’t very far from the ground to begin with. When you’re learning how to skateboard, you can’t be too.. more




    • An Introduction to the Sport of Street Luging
      Street luging is a sport related to skateboarding which requires a streetluge board, also known as a sled. This wheeled sled is ridden down a set course or paved road. Although the board itself looks quite like a long skateboard (longboard), it is actually ridden with the rider lying on his back on the board, not standing up. In this manner of riding, it is more closely related to the winter sport of luging than to skateboarding. Although this sport form is related to.. more




    • How Far will Skateboards go to get a World Record
      Because skateboarding is a relatively new sport, the range of possible tricks is still expanding each and every year. With large competitions like the X Games, there’s a good chance that at least one record will be broken during the event. Many of these world records can be seen in videos online and elsewhere thanks to the public nature of these events. The world of skateboarding is full of pro skateboarders who are driven to push the bar with their tricks. Pro.. more




    • Kids and Skateboarding
      Skateboarding is a popular sport, particularly with the younger crowd. Many of today’s most famous professional skateboarders turned pro when they were just teens, and some started skateboarding when they were only in preschool. Children of all ages can get involved in skateboarders, and today more and more young children are showing interest in the sport. If your children want to skateboard, you may be trying to weigh their desires, as well as benefits like.. more




    • Skateboarding Video Games
      If you are a skateboarder, then you may be interested in playing skateboarding video games when the weather is too bad for you to skateboard outside, or it’s already dark out. These video games allow you to simulate your favorite skateboarding moves. Many of these popular titles include the likeness of famous pro skateboarders. In the game, you can perform the various moves and tricks made famous by your favorite skateboarders. One of the earliest skateboarding.. more




    • Buying Cheap Skateboard Ramps
      If you are a skateboarder who enjoys skateboarding on ramps, you essentially have three choices. Use the skateboarding ramps at a local skate park, build your own from scratch, or buy a skate ramp. Luckily, there are many inexpensive skate ramps out there. How do you choose the best one for your needs? No matter what kind of skate ramp you are looking at, be sure to buy for your skill level. There are some ramps that are very long and step, and you shouldn’t try.. more




    • The History of Dogtown and the Z-Boys
      The history of skateboarding, as is well known, began in California. Thanks to the movie “Lords of Dogtown,” many have heard of the 1970s history of skateboarding in California. Dogtown, or the Santa Monica/Venice Beach area, is in fact where skateboarding first became really popular. During the 1970’s, a group of skateboarders called the Z-Boys essentially created the punk/skater subculture that exists to this day. These skateboarders were part of a.. more




    • The X Games and Skateboarding
      The X Games are an event much like the Olympics, but held annually and focusing on extreme sports. Broadcast by ESPN, the Winter X Games occur in January, and the Summer X Games are held in August. Both events are held in the United States, and draw competitors from all over the world. The competition is known for frequently showcasing new tricks. Each year, over 80,000 spectators show up to the Winter X games and over 200,000 to the Summer X Games, and thousands more.. more




    • Sandboarding
      Sandboarding is one of the many spinoffs of skateboarding and snowboarding; it first became widespread during the 1980’s. Especially popular for snowboarders during the off-season, it is done in deserts or on sand dunes. The best sandboarding locations are usually located in or near deserts or beaches. However, there are other areas, like Monte Kaolino in Germany where the yearly sandboarding world championships are held, that are not near deserts or water. Most.. more




    • Offroad Skateboarding
      When you think of skateboarding, you probably think of sidewalks, skate parks, and pavement. Most skateboards are designed only for use on hard, even surfaces. If you hit a rock on a normal skateboard, you will probably fall off the board. A new type of skateboarding, called offboard skateboarding, utilizes specially-designed boards that can be used nearly anywhere - not just on the pavement. Off road skateboards can even be used on dirt, gravel, and hard-packed sand... more




    • Caster Boarding
      Caster boarding has been compared to both surfing and snowboarding, even though it has wheels like a skateboard. Even though it has elements of all three board sports, riding a caster board requires a unique set of motions that sets it apart from any other sport. The caster board is the newest board to come into widespread use. In fact, this type of board has been around for less than decade. The caster board is designed with two foot plates, joined with a pivot.. more




    • Skateboarding Parks
      Skateboarding parks have been popular since the 1960’s and 1970’s, though they haven’t always been acceptable in mainstream society. Originally built by boarders themselves beginning in the 1970’s, these parks contain bowls, pipes, and other obstacles for riders. Soon, local towns and businessmen began building such parks as they saw their popularity rise. However, by the end of the 1970s, most of these early skate parks were forced to close, as.. more




    • Skateboards of the Future
      How will futuristic advances in technology affect skateboarding? The first skateboards were simple wood and wheel constructions. Today’s skateboards are more sophisticated designs, but they are still constructed in essentially the same manner. Skateboards of the future will continue these refinements, and also incorporate futuristic technology, such as solar power and the ability to hover, as it is developed. There are two main ways that many believe that.. more




    • Fingerboards
      Finger skateboarding, a recent craze, is mainly popular with preteen boys. However, its roots actually extend much further back into the history of skateboarding. Finger skateboarding was first popularized in the late 1970s and early 1980s; an article in TransWorld's SKATEboarding magazine in 1985 by skateboarder Lance Mountain taught boarders how to make fingerboards. First available as homemade toys, this first incarnation of the fingerboard was mainly viewed as a.. more




    • Skateboard Deck Materials
      The skateboard deck is the actual board of the skateboard. Although you may think a skateboard is simply a piece of wood with axles and wheels attached underneath, this is not the case. While the deck is usually made of plywood, today there are many choices of skateboard deck materials. Most beginners are fine with plywood, but as you get more involved in skateboarding, you may want to upgrade your deck to one of the following types. Composites, aluminum, nylon,.. more




    • Skateboarding Laws
      Skateboarding has been considered a counterculture sport since its inception. In part because of this fact, numerous local laws exist to prohibit or control skateboarding. The first laws to ban skateboards were passed almost at the beginning of the sport itself. The first known ordinances began in 1965, when a New York Times Story covered the banning of skateboards in one town by quoting a local official: “These devices are most dangerous... because of their.. more




    • Easy Skateboarding Tricks
      When you are first beginning to skateboard, you may become disappointed quickly because you just can’t do all those cool tricks you see on TV. However, you can learn how to do a few basic skateboarding tricks to impress your friends, show off the skills you’ve learned, and hopefully get you one step closer to being able to do all of those tricks the pros can do. Here are a few tricks that even beginning skateboarders can master: The ollie is a favorite.. more




    • Skateboard Buying Guide
      If you are interested in skateboarding, the most important thing to do is buy the best skateboard you can find. Before purchasing your first skateboard, try out your friends’ skateboards, or ask other boarders about what they do and don’t like about theirs. Before purchasing your skateboard, make sure that you know what to look for. The deck (or ‘board’) is the most important part. Most are made of plywood. The biggest difference here is between.. more




    • The World of Skateboard Competitions
      Because of the popularity of skateboarding, it is not surprising that many competitions exist for skateboarders to show off their skills. Exciting both for competitors and fans, these competitions usually take place in an arena, with ramps, jumps, and other skateboarding park fixtures. Competitions may take place indoors or outdoors, depending on the style of skateboarding. Some tricks are performed in a bowl, while others take place on the street. In many cases,.. more




    • Skateboarding Safety
      Before you head out to the skatepark (or that perfectly empty swimming pool in your neighborhood) you need to make sure you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to safety. You might feel like a “dork” wearing a helmet and tons of other safety gear, but you’ll feel even worse if you get into a skateboarding accident, even a minor one, without any type of safety equipment on. With that said, let’s go over some of the most important gear,.. more




    • How to Build a Skateboard Ramp
      If you’re ready to start “ramping” up your skateboarding skills, then it’s time to build your very own ramp. Sure, you could just go to the skatepark, but what if there isn’t one close by? Besides, how cool would a skateboard ramp look in your back yard? You’ll likely need to have a little bit of skill with tools, and a couple of friends to complete this weekend project. The type of ramp you build will depend upon how much money you.. more




    • Skateboard Ramps
      Skateboard ramps refer to the apparatus created for street style competitions, skateparks, and perhaps your backyard. Skateboarding while using ramps is referred to as street style skating because ramps can emulate a “street” environment. Some of the most popular styles of ramps include: Half Pipes. Almost always made of wood, but can be seen in concrete, dirt, and snow (for snowboarding). A half pipe consists of two quarter pipes. Years ago, half pipes.. more




    • Types of skateboards - Short and Longboards Explained
      If you’re into skateboarding, you’re obviously familiar with the standard short skateboard, but have you ever seen someone ride a longboard? Other than the difference in length, I bet you wonder how these two types of boards are different. Keep reading to learn the similarities and differences of the skateboard and the longboard. A longboard is just a skateboard that’s much longer than usual, and used for longboarding (as opposed to skateboarding)... more




    • Parts of a Skateboard
      Learning about the different parts of a skateboard is almost as important as learning how to ride. When you know about each part, you’ll be able to take better care of your board, and make better decisions regarding purchasing parts. Besides a deck and wheels, skateboards consist of: bearings, trucks, hardware, and grip tape. The deck is the actual part that you would stand on. It’s made of compressed wood (some more expensive models can be made of maple,.. more




    • Skateboarding Wear
      When you’re out there showing off your skateboarding tricks, it’s important to “look the part” by rockin the latest skateboard clothes and shoes. But what’s hot? What are the brands that are popular with local skaters and famous skaters alike? Checkout these four brands of skateboard clothes and shoes before heading out to the skate park: Vans. Vans sells both skateboarding clothes and shoes, but they are most know for their shoes... more




    • Advanced Skateboarding Tricks
      So you’ve mastered all the basic skateboard tricks like: the ollie, kickturns, 50/50 grinds, rock n rolls, board slides, truck stands, manuals and maybe even the kickflip (could be considered an intermediate trick). Are you ready to kick it up a notch and start learning some serious skateboard tricks? Read on to learn the basics of: ollie on a ramp, rock to fakie, heelflip, indy grab. Ollie on a Ramp. This should actually be called “ollie off a.. more




    • Famous Skateboarders
      You’ve probably heard every one of their names before. Their the reason you first picked up a skateboard. Pro skateboarders, famous skateboarders - Skateboard icons. If you’re an avid skateboarder, or you plan to be one someday, you should get familiar with these guys: Tony Hawk. Pro Skater Tony Hawk (born May 12, 1968) is most famous for being the first skateboarder to land a 900 and the second skater to land a McTwist. Tony has his own skateboard company,.. more




    • Skateboard Maintenance
      How to buy, maintain and store your skateboards. If you’ve been skating for years, chances are you own more than one skateboard. You might even own two, three, or over five skateboards. Whether you buy skateboards to ride, or to add to a growing collection, you need to know how to: find the hottest skateboards for sale online, maintain and repair your skateboards after extensive use, and how to store your skateboards properly to keep yourself and others from... more




    • Skateboarding Culture
      Quick Skateboarding History Skateboarding definitely has its roots in surfing. Surfers wanted to see if they could do on land what they did in the water “surf on land”. Skaters would simply stick a piece of board on wheels and start skateboarding. In the 60’s, skateboarding became popular when companies started making and selling skateboards – now everyone could tryout skateboarding, not just the surfers who created their own skateboards. The... more