Learning To Ski Or Snowboard Is Easier Than You Think!

Most people think that learning to ski or snowboard is a long, difficult process. However, with the advances in ski and snowboard equipment and better teaching methods, just about anyone can learn to ski or ride in just one day!

Most ski areas offer learn to ski or snowboard packages. I can't recommend them highly enough! These resorts have a vested interest in making sure your first day goes well - their future depends on it. They have spent many years figuring out the easiest and best way to learn on their particular mountain. They have the latest equipment and instructors who love to teach people how to ski and snowboard. As a bonus, you get all of this at a huge discount!

The first rule of learning to ski or snowboard is to never, I repeat NEVER let a friend or family member teach you. They may be the poster child for patience and a world-class skier, but it seldom works out for the best. The dynamics between you and a friend/family member vs you and an instructor are just different. Start out with a professional instructor, they will get you going with less frustration and then you can actually go enjoy the slopes with your friend or family member after the lesson.

The second rule is to politely decline any offer to borrow ski or snowboard equipment for your first experience. The chances that it will fit properly are pretty slim and you don't know if the bindings (the things that attach your foot to the skis or board) are set properly. By using the rental equipment that comes with the learn to ski or snowboard package, you are assured of good quality equipment, properly maintained and sized just for you.

The last rule is to be patient and have fun! The first few minutes may seem a bit crazy, but most people are able to turn, stop and ride a lift in about an hour. That's right - one hour from total greenhorn to sliding down the slopes in control! Now that sounds pretty good.

One more thing. Most resorts offer some sort of program or package to get you to come back at a deep discount. if you liked your first time (and I'm sure you will) be sure to take advantage of these offers. You can cut the cost of skiing and snowboarding by as much as 60% for your first season and they usually include plenty of lessons if you decide you want or need them.

So go ahead and get started - you won't regret it!

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Learning To Ski Or Snowboard Is Easier Than You Think!
By Chris D Joseph

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