Skateboarding Wear

When you’re out there showing off your skateboarding tricks, it’s important to “look the part” by rockin the latest skateboard clothes and shoes. But what’s hot? What are the brands that are popular with local skaters and famous skaters alike? Checkout these four brands of skateboard clothes and shoes before heading out to the skate park:


Vans sells both skateboarding clothes and shoes, but they are most know for their shoes. Founded in 1966 by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren, the company was originally called Van Doren Rubber Company. Vans are the shoes of choice among elite skateboarders worldwide. Not only does Vans make apparel and shoes, they also have skate parks in Southern California and Florida, and they are the creators and promoters of the famous Vans Warped Tour concerts.

Zoo York.

What an interesting name for a skateboard clothing company. It’s said that the name comes from a subway tunnel that runs under the Central Park Zoo in New York. The tunnel is referred to as “Zoo York Tunnel” or just “Zoo York”. Graffiti artists used to hang out and tag this tunnel back in the 60’s and 70’s. The clothing company Zoo York was founded in 1993. Zoo York sells skateboard clothes and shoes for boys, girls, men and women.

DC Shoes.

Like Zoo York, DC Shoes was also founded in 1993. The company makes clothing, shoes and accessories for all kinds of extreme sports including: skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx, rally car racing, motocross and surfing. DC Shoes is popular amongst a broad range of people. The famous drummer Travis Barker sports DC Shoes and even has a shoe line with DC Shoes that was influenced by him. Actor Adam Sandler is a fan, as is Rapper “Lil Wayne”.

Perhaps the youngest “pro” skateboarder ever, Mitchie Brusco has been sponsored by DC Shoes since he was five years old! DC Shoes sells skateboarding clothes and shoes for boys, girls, men and women.


Element was founded in 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was first called Underworld Element until one of the owners decided to drop “Underworld” from the name, and simple call the company Element. Element eventually became a major skateboard clothing, shoes and board brand, and was given opportunities to sign popular skateboarders. Element’s professional skateboarding team is made up of: Bam Margera, Brent Atchley, Chad Muska, Chad Tim Tim, Chris Senn, Darrell Stanton, Jeremy Wray, Mike Vallely, Nyjah Huston, Ray Barbee, Tony Tave and Vanessa Torres.

Although Element is more known for their skateboard decks, they also sell a wide variety of skateboard clothes and shoes for men, women, boys and girls.

You can find all of these brands by shopping online, so shopping for skateboard clothes and shoes have never been easier. You can also likely find Element, DC Shoes, Vans and Zoo York brand clothing at your local skate shop as well. There is no excuse for not having the hottest skateboard clothing and shoes anymore. Now go show off your style!